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Awesome bundle 57

by Andrei Zvonkov

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This is a finished bundle's headline!

Also comes in smaller sizes.

I am a test paragraph for your future text font. Apart from that, I am just a dummy copy. And I've been a dummy copy since my birth. It took me a long time to realize what that means: you make no sense. Often, you aren't even read at all. But does that make me a bad copy?

Another headline example

Should you now decide to carry on reading me to the end, I'll have managed to achieve something most copies don't achieve.

Great fonts call for important messages.
class Example
  def show
    puts 'Nice one!'
What if my browser …?

... and start using it!

  1. Download the font files:

    For most fonts, Fontsquirrel has ready to use “@font-face Kits”. In all other cases you can generate web fonts from OTF and TTF files here.

  2. Put the web font files into a directory “[public root]/fonts/” in your website.
  3. Copy the CSS code from below to your stylesheet: In your HTML pages, you can use the “.afs-…” classes as they are – or you can incorporate the font stacks and corrections for relative font size into your own, preferably semantical CSS (recommended).